Friday, July 29, 2011

RingerWraps for Cell Phones Review

Have you ever dropped your cell phione into water or mud? Everything slows down as you watch your device plummet down to face its destiny. It is a scary, helpless feeling; I can tell you from experience. But you don't have to feel worried if you have waterproof protection. RingerWraps are just that. But how well do they work? Read on to find out.

As you can see, RingerWraps are an appropriately sized plastic Zip-Lock style sleeve for cell phones. The plastic is clear, but can add some glare in bright light. The RingerWrap is remarkably easy to use with keypads and buttons. It is as easy to use as if it was wrap-less. It is even easy to hear your ringtone or music through the RingerWrap. It sounds a little muffled, but that can be expected.

One problem I have is that the Motorola Razr I used with the RingerWrap won't close completely, even though I followed the directions. It's bothersome that I can't close it all the way. I think that RingerWraps work best with cell phones that do not have a large hinge.

You will have to remove the RingerWrap to charge your cell phone. Also, taking decent pictures will require you to remove the sleeve because the RingerWrap makes pictures a little milky.

All in all, the RingerWrap does a good job protecting your cell phone from the elements and allowing you to easily use your cell phone in most cases.

Product Info

MSRP:$10.00 for a pack of five wraps
  • Protects your phone from all the elements, ability to dial, text, or talk through your cell phone
  • Pictures taken through the a wrap will turn out a little milky, cell phones with a very large hinge might not close all the way