About Madison

Who is this person: Madison McPheeters is the Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGadget Reviews.

Latest gadget crush: Sony CyberShot RX100

This top-of-the line enthusiast compact camera would be Madison's dream camera. Its F1.8 lens with control ring, manual exposure modes, and Raw format image capture make it one of the best pocketable cameras around. However, it isn't cheap. Realistically, Madison hopes to eventually upgrade her current point-and-shoot to a Panasonic Lumix LX5 or LX7.

Two gadgets that she owns and uses: Kodak EasyShare C875 and BlueAnt Embrace headphones

Although now outdated, her trusty point-and-shoot has captured around 40,000 plus photos. The BlueAnt Embrace headphones are comfortable to wear and satisfying to use. Madison even had these on as she wrote this bio. (Whoops, now everyone knows that Madison is writing in the third person.)

Social media: Madison can also be found on Google Plus and Twitter.

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