Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Keep Your Technology and Gadgets Organized

Gadgets and technology are fun, but they are not especially conducive to orderliness. Here are some of my tips for cleaning and organizing your device's accessories.

I use an accordion folder for manuals and paperwork for my technology collection. I added alphabetical stickers to the tabs and then used "C" for camera and so on. It is so much easier to have everything in one place instead of digging around in the file cabinet, which is sadly not organized yet!

Photo credit: Kangaroom Website
Almost every gadget you can buy these days will come with a cord. Camera USB cables, cell phone chargers, laptop chargers; you name it and it will most likely have an accompanying cable. This two-sided Cord Pouch from Kangaroom will coral your collection of cords. It even comes with handy name tags so you can remember which cord goes with which device.

CD and DVD storage inserts are plastic sleeves for three ring binders. They are a great way to further organize your tech.  These would be especially helpful for people like me who back up their computers on to DVDs, put them in a drawer, then come back and wonder: "Did I put the most recent backup at the front or back?"

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