Monday, January 13, 2014

Vorson Shell 3K II Battery Pack Review

If you have a cell phone, you have likely run out of battery charge at an inconvenient time. And you did not have a charging cord or an outlet handy. Then what? If you have a backup battery, you can easily and quickly charge your phone. Today, we’ll look at a backup battery, the Shell 3K II, by Vorson. Read on to find out if it is a good buy!

In the Box

  • Shell 3K II backup battery
  • Micro USB to USB cable

(The website indicates that a user’s manual and a warranty card is included, but mine didn’t have either.)

The Shell has a very simple, well designed, and clean exterior. The top side has a convex curve to it. The glossy finish is slipperier than an ice cube! It slipped right out of my hands when I was taking it out of its packaging. (Good thing it has shock-proof housing!) A status light, a USB port, and a Micro USB port are on one side. That status light indicates several things. Green is fully charged, yellow is about halfway charged, and red is little charge remaining. Blinking colors means that the Shell is being charged or is charging a device.

In hand, the Shell feels like it weighs only a few ounces. It has dimensions very similar to that of a smartphone. Because of its thin size and weight, it is very portable. It will fit easily in most purses or bags.

The Shell 3K II battery can charge many gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers, even portable speakers! It can also charge iDevices, but you will need to supply your own Lightning to USB cord.

To test the Shell, I charged my cell phone (a Samsung with a 1000mAh battery) from less than 10% remaining to fully charged. The Shell had a green light (fully charged) when I started and had a red light (little charge remaining) after my phone was charged. If it indeed was getting close to being empty, it seems that this 3000mAh battery has an output of less than 3000mAh. I’ve tried this several times, but I did not get different results. However, I cannot measure exactly how many mAhs the Shell can put out.

Charging my phone from less than ten percent to fully charged took about two and a half hours.

All in all, the Vorson shell has an attractive, light, and portable design. However, I’m not sure that design only can justify the price difference between the high-end Shell and other less expensive products. For instance, the Shell costs $79.99. A lipstick-sized 3000 mAh charger (a bulkier and heavier design) costs about $20 on Amazon. Ultimately, this choice is up to the consumer.

Product Info

Price:$79.99 from Vorson
    Attractive, portable design   
  • On the pricey for its features

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