Monday, December 16, 2013

Dosh Sycro Wallet and iPhone Case Review

Today, we’ll take a look at the newest wallet by Dosh. With the Syncro, Dosh puts a new spin on the wallet. Think about the things you grab when you are going out of the house. Most likely, your list includes cash, cards, and your smartphone. Why not put those three things into your wallet? Read on to find out if this wallet/phone case combo works!

The Syncro fits the iPhone 5 and 5S. If you are lucky to have a phone up to 127mm by 68 by 9 mm, though, it may fit according to Dosh. It comes in eight colors- everything from black-on-black, turquoise on grey, and the black-on-orange in this review. The bright colors add to the Syncro’s slightly funky vibe. It has clean lines and lots of contrast.

I have noticed a lot of attention to detail in this wallet. The Syncro is formed from the TPU polymer Dosh uses in their wallet line. It has a smooth, soft finish that seems impossible to scratch or mark. Though flexible, the front panels on the Syncro are very tough and protective. The front panels have a hard strip along the bottom to protect your phone’s home button from being pushed accidentally. (Smart thinking, Dosh!) The sides and bottom edges are solid and stiff. I don’t have a 5 or 5s to test fit and protection with, but it seems to be a very protective case.
Now let’s check out the wallet function. On each of the front panels, there is a “pocket” that holds three to four cards or about ten US bills folded up twice. Like practically all Dosh wallets, you can’t fit the kitchen sink in here. For some people, this capacity of cards and cash will be too limiting. For those that just want the basics, it trims bulk and gives them just enough carrying capacity.

Though a simple “flap” might seem too flimsy to keep your cards or cash secure, it works perfectly well. There is a lip right around the edge of the pocket that keeps the wallet’s monetary contents secure.

All in all, the Dosh Syncro is a well-executed wallet/phone case. It has eye-catching style, protection, and a simple layout. Because of its limited capacity, though, it is best suited for those who like to travel light.

Product Info

Price:$69.99 from Dosh
    Eye catching, lots of colors, quite tough, simple to use
Cons:Limited card and cash capacity

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