Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ting, the New Customer-Friendly Wireless Provider

A lot of cell phone owners have a general discontent with their cell phone service. Many feel that they are paying excessive plan prices and overage fees.

 Ting, a new start-up wireless service that uses Sprint's coverage, aims to give their customers peace-of- mind. Their tiered plan system bumps the customer up or down depending upon how many minutes, megabits and texts they've used. For example: if a customer uses less than a hundred minutes a month, they pay three dollars for a hundred minutes and under. If usage is two hundred minutes the next month, they are bumped up into the next tier of less than five hundred minutes for nine dollars. Customers never pay any pricey overage fees.

There are some catches. First, customers can only use phones that work with Ting. After checking out their website's private beta, I found that the latest-and-greatest phones are not available for Ting use right now. Ideally, more popular phones will be available after Ting goes public. Second, using just a minute or two above your tier will cause customers to be charged for the next highest tier, no matter how small the amount they exceeded the limit.

All in all, Ting could be a good service for you. We'll just have to wait to see if Ting becomes a more relevant option at the launch.

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