Friday, December 16, 2011

Kodak PlayFull Camcorder Review

The Kodak PlayFull is a super-small, uncomplicated mini high definition video camera. But how well does it actually work? Read on for my thoughts...

A feature I really like- a handy flip-out USB arm
First, let's talk hardware. The PlayFull is the perfect size and weight for carrying in your pocket. It's also comfortable to hold in your hand. In my opinion, it is pretty stylish, too. I really like the colorful design around the lens.

One thing I don't like about the PlayFull's design is its tiny screen. It's bright and colorful, but it just downright too small. This is one area where the PlayFull doesn't match the competition. (For more pictures of the PlayFull, go here.)

Video and Audio
The PlayFull takes excellent video. It records full HD video in three flavors: 1080p at 30fps, 720p at 60 fps, and 720 at 30 fps. The sound is quite lackluster, especially after I've been spoiled with the high-quality audio of the higher-end Olympus LS-20M. However, I think the PlayFull's video is on par with other mini camcorders available.

You can get creative with a few video effects: High Saturation, '70s Film, Black and White, and Sepia. These effects can also be used for still pictures, too.

Battery Life
Battery life seems to be quite good. Starting with the battery at two thirds charged, I estimate I recorded about 20 minutes of 1080p video and took a few still pictures for 30 minutes of total use before it needed to be recharged.
Above is a picture taken with the PlayFull's still camera.
The PlayFull packs a 5MP CMOS stills camera. It is quite convenient to use and produces shots adequate for posting on the Internet, but don't ditch your digital camera for serious picture-taking. Check out more sample shots here.

In my opinion, using the PlayFull is a breeze. Remember what each of the seven buttons do, and you will be on your way to working the PlayFull proficiently. The menus are also very strait-forward. There aren't many "advanced" settings, so there isn't a big learning curve.


The Kodak PlayFull is a very uncomplicated, easy-to-use camcorder that takes excellent HD video. I recommend it!

Product Info

Price:$129.95 from Kodak
    Stylish, small, uncomplicated, quality video, good battery life, handy flip-out USB 
  • Still pictures so-so, tiny screen

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