Sunday, September 4, 2011

RageGage First Look

My RageGage's version is Hypnosis. So far, I still have my free will. :D
 The RageGage is...well...what is it exactly? The RageGage is a stress-releasing smash pad to take out your rage on before you blow your lid on something expensive. When you're feeling angry, take it out on this tough gadget instead of something more valuable. Just prepare yourself, because it will talk back! If you don't hit it hard enough, the RageGage taunts you with sarcastic phrases like " angry!" to prod you to release all of your inner fury.
The USB needed to connect your RageGage to your PC is included
The RageGage also has a more practical (and less violent) side, doubling as a game controller. You can play three games: "Robot Zombie Apocalypse", "Some Hipster Game", and "Aliens". The first two games are available online and "Aliens" is downloadable to play on your PC.

I'm not sure that everyone will find smashing a taunting smash pad stress releasing. I had as much fun reading the humorous directions (example: 1. Violently rip open packaging - remove RageGage) as actually smashing it. However, it could make a great gag gift for a co-worker or friend.

Product Info

  • Rage release without injuring someone or breaking something, game controller, makes a funny gift
  • Can actually make you more mad by talking back

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