Saturday, August 27, 2011

CamSafe 200 Camera Bag Review

The CamSafe 200 camera bag is great for the on-the-go photo bug looking for a secure and practical way to transport their gear.

The CamSafe 200 has some formidable security features including stainless steel mesh embedded in the walls of the bag, a combination lock, and tamper-proof zippers. The fabric seems durable-like it would last for decades. But how practical is it to use? Read on to find out.
First, let's talk about storage, an area in which the CamSafe excels. A compartment in front (see above) unzips to reveal pockets in which to stow lens filters, spare batteries, etc. There's even a specially marked pocket for a cell phone so you can find it quickly.

The main compartment holds one average-sized digital SLR camera and an additional lens. If you want to carry something bigger, no problem. Its removable Velcro divider and Velcro padding easily accommodate the shape of your gear. In the back of the main compartment is an inconspicuous small zippered pocket for memory cards.

On the back of the bag is a simple non-zippered pocket that would be useful for maps or papers.

So, the CamSafe 200 has lots of room for gear, but how portable is it? The CamSafe is very comfortable to carry. It is quite light, considering how durably constructed it is. The CamSafe's shoulder strap is quite comfortable, and stays that way after extended periods of time. The shoulder strap pad has a piece of rubbery material that keeps the strap from sliding off. It's a nice touch.

All in all, the CamSafe 200 is a great choice for amateur photographers seeking a safe and portable way to transport their gear.

Product Info

Pros:Very tough and reinforced, lots of storage, customizable compartments, portable

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  1. My favorite on the go bag! This is hands down my favorite bag. No other comes close to it's superior layout. Love the interior zippered battery compartment, the reverse flap to the main compartment and of course the security! It's perfect.


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