Monday, September 26, 2011

Mini Cooper Motormouse Review

The Mini Cooper Motormouse comes in red, black, or white.
Most mice available are strictly utilitarian devices designed to move your cursor around. They are usually black and almost always visually unimaginative. But there is one mouse out there that breaks the curve- it looks like miniature car! Let me introduce you to the Mini Cooper Motormouse. It is a optical mouse that has the details of the Mini Cooper- chrome wheels, rubber tires, and a trunk that opens to store batteries, and of course, that iconic Mini look. Read on to learn my thoughts on this set of wheels.

In the Box

The Mini Cooper comes packaged in a very nice, informative box worthy of a collector. The inside panel has info about the history of the Mini Cooper car.

Inside the box, you will find the Motormouse, a USB receiver, two batteries, a mouse pad, a carrying pouch, and instructions for installing the batteries.


This Mini Cooper actually looks like the real deal. The main difference between the Mini Cooper and its replica is the lack of side mirrors on the Motormouse. The trunk opens to reveal a compartment for batteries and storage for the wireless receiver. When the batteries are low, the lights flash.


The Mini is very comfortable to use. I was surprised by how natural it felt in my hand. My fingers have enough room for "right clicking" and "left clicking." It feels as sturdy and comfortable as a regular mouse.


I had no problems with the Motormouse, except for a few very short, split second freeze-ups. I suspect this was probably due to the USB receiver being several feet from the mouse itself. (Or maybe it was from all the clutter on my desk? :D )


In summary, this is a way cool product. The Motormouse is an all-around practical, fun, and stylish mouse. It would make a enjoyable gift for anyone who loves cars, or it would be a great gift for yourself!

Product Info

One USB port on your computer
Where to buy:Avant Garde Gifts
  • Very stylish, comfortable to use
  • None

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  1. Too cute. Doesn't look comfy but I'll take your word for it.


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