Friday, August 12, 2011

How to Search the Web More Efficiently

Even though Google and other search engine companies have the need for speed, sometimes searching the web can be just plain slow. Here's some tips to help your search the web more efficiently and quickly.

1. Put quote marks around your search results to search for exactly what you typed in the search box. If you don't use quote marks, then the search engine shows results that have part of the phrase you typed.  For instance, you search for house plant fertilizer, but get results with just plant and fertilizer in them mixed in with results that have all of the phrase.

2. Are you looking for a page on a website, but there's no search box in sight? For our example, let's search for London on the site MSNBC. I type in London, and voila! Substitute London with your search term of choice and for the website your are querying.

3. Are you shopping for a new camera, looking for funny videos, or hunting for news updates? Don't be afraid to use the sidebar on your search engine of choice! Bing, Google, Yahoo!, etc. all have specific types of searches to help you get find what you want.

Happy searching!

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