Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dell Inspiron 546s Review

The Inspiron 546s is a good computer for those who are interested in a computer for photo editing, e-mail, web surfing, and multimedia.


The tasks mentioned above (e-mail, photo editing, multimedia, etc.) may not make this Inspiron seem powerful, yet it has a triple-core processor, abundant memory, and speedy performance. On the other hand, this computer is not intended for gamers. This computer is capable of gaming, but it is not optimized for gaming. As you can see, gaming graphics and regular graphics are its weakest points on the Windows Experience Score. Everything else is very good or excellent.

Vista, the pre-installed operating system, can be bothersome sometimes. This is not the computer's fault, and is not a reason to avoid purchasing a 546s if you are comfortable installing a different operating system. If you buy this computer, however, installing Windows 7 on this computer might improve your computing experience. 

The "s" in 546s stands for slim, a good adjective for this computer. It is aesthetically pleasing desktop, with a glossy, fingerprint-magnet black finish and chrome accents. 

Dell also put SD and media card readers behind a little door, making them very accessible yet invisible. The DVD/CD player is also hidden behind a matching door. Only two USB ports, the power button, a headphone connector, and a microphone connector are visible from the front. Again, this adds to the sleekness of the 546s.

All in all, the Inspiron 546s is a quality computer for people who will use it for everyday tasks and multimedia, but that has ample power.


AMD Phenom 8450e Triple-Core Processor 2.10 GHz
Hard Drive
8 GB
Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit
600 GB
DVD/CD Read/Write Drive

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