Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dosh Embossed Luxe 6 Wallet Review

This is the third wallet I have critiqued from the Australian company Dosh. Their wallets have two trademark characteristics: unique, minimalist designs and premium materials. Today, we’ll consider a wallet from their newest line: the Embossed series. The Embossed series consists of three styles: Cubic, a 3D multi-dimensional pattern; Grid, a pattern of dots; and Colony, a map. Read on to find out if this unique wallet is for you!

The wallet in this review, Colony, was inspired by the street layout of Sydney, Australia, where Dosh is headquartered. The two outside panels of the wallet each have an individual map. Each road is very detailed and sharp. There are even tiny, tiny grooves to represent a highway with multiple lanes. If you assume that black-on-black embossment wouldn't show up well, you would be wrong. The etched portion of the wallet has a glossy finish, while the relief portion has a matte finish. Because of this, it shows up clearly.

The Colony wallet not only is a stylish wallet, it has premium materials. The matte finish feels almost like it has a thin felt finish, but it’s actually not fabric. The tactile feel of the embossed materials and finish is a premium texture.

Dirt and dust can spoil that premium vibe, however. I always worry that black items will show dirt. Pockets usually have plenty of lint and dust to spare, but all of Dosh’s wallets consistently repel dirt. This one is no exception. The Colony also carries on the tradition of durability. It doesn't scratch or feel flimsy.

Inside the wallet, you will find the six card slots and single money clip. The simple slots, three staggered on either side, hold cards in very securely. Though you might think that the cards would be staggered since the slots are staggered, that isn't true. Each of the three cards is even. Hence, the third card in the back is a bit difficult to remove.

Bills are corralled by a stainless steel money clip built into the spine of the wallet. This money clip will hold about eleven or twelve bills comfortably. There is a downside to this system: all bills are visible when the wallet is open. If you don’t carry a lot of cash, like me, it may not be an issue. If you do carry a lot of cash, this is something to keep in mind.

All in all, the Embossed Luxe 6 is very stylish, high-quality, and durable, but it is not without a few functional quirks. If you don’t object to the card slot and money clip situations, you will enjoy a beautiful wallet that should last for many years.

Product Info

Price:$94.95 AUD
    Stylish, premium materials, durable, resistant to dust, unique  
  • Cards are not staggered, money is in full view when wallet is open

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