Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jabra Revo Wireless Headphones Review

NFC. Bluetooth connectivity. Up to 12 hours of battery life. Built-in touch controls. This list of specifications could describe a smartphone or another high-tech device, but it doesn’t. A pair of headphones, the Jabra Revo Wireless, has all of these features. All of that technology does not come inexpensively, though. Currently, these headphones cost almost $250 on Amazon. Is it worth its price tag? Read my review to find out!

In the Box
Inside the premium packaging, you'll find the headphones, a brief manual, warranty information, an activation code for an exclusive Jabra app, a 3.5 mm cable with an in-line mic and controls, a plain 3.5 mm cable, and a USB charging cable. A cloth drawstring bag for carrying the Revo is also included. I would have preferred a more protective case, such as the leather case that comes with the BlueAnt Embrace headphones.

The first thing you’ll notice is the Revo’s stylish exterior. It has a modern, clean design with a bit of sporty color to spice it up.

In hand, the Revo feels well built. Its structure consists of an aluminum frame with steel hinges that enable it to fold. Plastic forms the outer side of the ear cups and headband. The headband is more bendable than I’d prefer. The folding hinge and ear cup frame both feel very solid

The Revo Wireless has lots and lots of controls! On the right, there’s an on/off/Bluetooth pairing slider and a USB port for charging. On the left ear cup, there’s a 3.5 mm port. The slider is the only physical control on the Revo. So, how can there be lots of controls, you ask? You can’t see the volume, skip, play, and call controls. These are all touch controls embedded in the sides of the ear cups. To adjust the volume, swipe a finger in a circular motion around the ear cup. To play or pause music, tap the center ear cup. These gestures are only a sampling. There are other gestures for answering or rejecting calls, skipping tracks, and launching the Jabra Sound app. Although I was initially skeptical about these gestures, they work perfectly and are helpful.

The bright orange 3.5 mm cable is cloth-covered and almost completely tangle resistant. It also has in-line control for use with a smartphone.

Comfort and Fit
All around, the Revo Wireless is easy to wear. Its light weight and memory foam ear pads make it comfortable to wear for extended periods. The ear pads don’t pinch even with extended wear. Also, the headband has enough padding and is generally slide-proof.

Sound Quality
All of these extra features would be pointless if the Revo had poor sound quality. I have good news, though. Overall, it has very good, crisp, warm sound with a bit of extra bass. Although songs with strong bass have extra punch, the lows don’t overwhelm the mids and highs. Because of this, the Revo Wireless may have the best effect on pop, rock, and other genres that benefit from extra bass. Those who prefer emphasized bass will enjoy the Revo Wireless.

Remember that exclusive Jabra app I briefly mentioned? This app lets the user create playlists, listen to music, and adjust EQ settings. Theoretically, those who prefer a flat response can tweak the EQ settings to their satisfaction. However, the Jabra app works only with music stored on your phone. It will not work with other apps like Slacker, Google Music, or Amazon Cloud Player.

Connectivity and Battery Life
When listening to your music, you have three connectivity options: NFC (Near Field Communication), Bluetooth, or wired. Bluetooth and NFC both produce very good sound quality. I did not notice any major quality differences between wireless and wired connections. Bluetooth and NFC also seem equal. Honestly, I haven’t found any reason to use NFC pairing over Bluetooth pairing- the audio quality seems the same.

According to Jabra, the Revo Wireless battery will last about twelve hours when used with Bluetooth streaming. I have a bad habit of forgetting to turn the Revo off when I’m finished using it, so I probably got about ten hours. That said, I have been happy with its battery life.

Overall, the Jabra Revo Wireless is a very nice set of headphones. It has solid and comfortable construction, fun touch controls, and excellent sound quality. For those who enjoy a bit of pumped-up bass, the Revo Wireless will provide an enjoyable listening experience. To answer the question I posed at the beginning of this review, the Revo perhaps is a bit more expensive than it could be. However, those who are not bothered by the $250 price tag will be happy with Revo Wireless’ performance and value. If $250 is too spendy and Bluetooth isn't a necessary feature, take a look at the corded version of the Revo that's currently $153 from Amazon.

Product Info

Price:$242 from
    Very comfortable, stylish, very good sound quality
  • Could be less expensive, flimsy carrying bag

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