Friday, April 5, 2013

Bungee Tags Annonymously Connect Finders to Owners

Remember that moment when you realize that you lost (or *just misplaced*) a very important item? That moment when you feel your front pants pocket, then your jacket pockets...and you come up with nothing? It is quite scary. However, identification on your item can give you some piece of mind. A new product funded via Indiegogo, Bungee Tags, provides an anonymous way for a finder to contact the owner. When someone finds the lost item, they text the number on the tag. The owner will receive a text or e-mail from Bungee. From there, the owner and finder can arrange a return.

 A pack of Bungee tags includes a wallet card and four sizes of stickers and tags that can be attached to cameras, phones, sunglasses, and keys. One year coverage costs $10, and lifetime coverage costs $25.

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