Monday, March 11, 2013

Dosh Luxe 6 Wallet Review

Have you become bored with the standard leather wallet? An Australian brand, Dosh, designs wallets that are unique, upscale, and stylish. One of their wallets has a unique twist on the bi-fold, involving their trademark money clip and materials. Read on to find out if the Luxe 6 is a keeper!

Luxe 6 wallets are available in eight colors combos- everything from bold to classic. However, the Luxe 6 in this review is a sample of the Gold collection. For an extra five dollars, the Gold edition Luxe 6 comes with a black exterior, a gold money clip, gold foiled packaging, and the title of “special edition”.

The Luxe 6 has a simple, clean, modern exterior. The exterior is accented by a three-sided border and an inconspicuous Dosh logo. The only splash of color, a thin gold money clip, wraps around the spine. Overall, it has an understated look. This premium aura continues in the Luxe’s materials. The outside is made of a TPU, a polyurethane. Its finish is soft and smooth, though it still feels very durable. It doesn't scuff, scratch, or show lint easily- quite a feat, considering its dark color! This wallet will stay in new condition for a long time.

Inside, a group of three card slots are staggered on each side. Unlike the Blade wallet I reviewed last year, this wallet stores a more common number of cards- six. Try as you might, you can't jam two cards into one slot!

The midline of the wallet has a thin money clip. Making bills easy to insert and remove, the money clip is loose enough to hold ten to twelve bills comfortably. There is one caveat, however. While most bi-folds keep money safely tucked out of sight in a compartment, the Luxe 6 leaves bills visible whenever the wallet is open. As I showed this wallet to one current bi-fold user, he said that he would stick with his current wallet because of this. Personally, I don’t mind. I don’t carry an exorbitant amount of cash, though.

The Luxe 6’s minimalist design creates a minimal profile. With a full six cards and ten bills, the Luxe measures about half an inch thick. It is so thin, light, and compact that it is easy to forget about. When I first carried the Luxe, I had to check my pocket to make sure that it was still there!

All in all, the Luxe 6 is another winner by Dosh. It incorporates a sleek, attractive design and durable materials.

Product Info

Price:$89.95 AUD from Dosh
    Stylish, thin, compact, simple  
  • Bills in view when wallet is open

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