Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flipside Strata Wallet Review

A while back, I reviewed a unique wallet, the Flipside 2X. It is so unique, in fact, that it could be best described as a case. Made out of durable polycarbonate plastic, it has a spring-loaded locking mechanism. I still use it as my everyday wallet and am asked about it often. However, it has a large capacity. If you like the idea of the 2X but want a thinner, minimalist wallet, read our review of the Flipside Strata after the break!

First, this wallet is not for those who keep everything and the kitchen sink in their wallet. (I’m looking at you, George Castanza from Seinfeld.) It can hold five cards and about ten bills. If seven cards and twelve bills is more workable for you, look at the Flipside 2X.

Next, let’s look at the Strata’s design. It comes in an army palette of colors: stealth black (shown here), mech gray, and trooper green. I think its style is a bit reminiscent of the military, too. Cut-out details on the inside and outside give off a mechanical or industrial style.

One of the Strata’s unique features is its latch. To open the Strata, the latch must be pushed away from the wallet. Opened, you will find two compartments. On the right, there is a slot with a top sheath over the card slot. To remove the card, just slide out the card with your thumb. The left side is similar, but it can hold four cards stacked on top of each other. To retrieve a lower card, remove the cards above it one at a time. Removing cards is quick because they slide easily. The Strata can hold five cards altogether, with quick access to two.

The Strata also keeps your credit cards safe from thieves. How so? Some credit cards use RFID, a technology that allows users to wave their credit card in front of a reader to pay for their purchases. Crooks have found a way to get credit information from setting up their own readers in public places. (See this article from Consumer Reports.) The Strata shields anything in the interior compartments from being scanned.

Where do you put cash? There's a money clip in back, though it couldn't be just any money clip! This one is a piece of plastic attached on both the right and left sides. Ten or fewer bills can be inserted easily. Though bills carried in a traditional money clip can get bent easily from being put in and taken out of pockets, bills in the Strata don’t become wrinkled at all.

Although its style and capacity may not be for everyone, the Strata is a unique and stylish wallet.

Product Info

MSRP:$29.95 from Flipside
Manufacturer:Flipside Wallet
    Unique, simple style, blocks RFID scanning, money clip works better than others    
  • Only fast access to two cards, style isn't for everyone, only available in three colors

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