Monday, October 8, 2012

JBL Micro II Portable Speaker Review

Today, we'll take a look at another portable speaker by Harman, the JBL Micro II. This speaker is designed to work with mp3 players, smartphones, tablets- almost any device that can play music. I've already reviewed its wireless counterpart, the Micro Wireless, and was impressed by it. Is the Micro II just as impressive? Read our full review to find out!

In the Box
A small carrying bag, a charging cord, and instruction manual are included with the Micro Wireless.

Note: Parts of this review are taken from the this review of the JBL Micro Wireless, which is a very, very similar product.

First, let’s look take a tour of the Micro II’s hardware. On the left side, there is a power button and a volume dial. A micro USB port is on the bottom side, and a 3.5mm port is on the right side. This port can be used to daisy-chain several Micro II speakers together. (I successfully daisy-chained JBL Micro Wireless and the JBL Micro II together, even though the JBL website doesn't mention this works.)
I like these orange accents! 

On the back side, the 3.5mm cable wraps around the circumference of the speaker, and snaps into a little groove. It's a small detail, but I appreciate having the cord neatly coiled and out of the way. It shows that JBL has treated this like a premium product.

The II isn't quite small enough to be pocket-able, but it certainly can be tossed in a purse or gear bag. Since it is quite light, it also can be clipped to clothes, etc with a carabiner clip. At five ounces, it makes larger portable speakers like the 1lb. Jawbone Jambox look as portable as a brick. :)

The Micro II will connect to almost any device that can play music- computers, mp3 players, tablets, smartphones. If it has a 3.5 mm port, you can most likely play your music through the Micro II.

Battery Life
According to JBL, the Micro II gets about five hours of play time from its rechargeable Li-ion battery. I would say that the Micro II lasts about 4 hrs 45 minutes.

Sound quality
The Micro II produces clear, pleasant sound. Its audio is well balanced, although it tends toward the bass-rich side. It doesn't distort at very high or very low volumes, but the sound does seem ''fuller'' when the volume is turned up past 50%.  And yes, the Micro II can get very loud. It can more than fill a large room with sound. Crank up the tunes and party!

At forty dollars, the JBL Micro II speaker is a good value. It won't disappoint with its easy-on-the ears sound, small size, respectable battery life, and thoughtful design.

Product Info

MSRP:$39 from JBL
Manufacturer:JBL by Harman
    Good value, respectable sound quality, thoughtful design  
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  1. i would not mention about pros as it has been already mentioned.but, con is that it is provided with a usb to m-usb connector which is used as a charger.chargers which can directly utilize power supply should be given

    1. Yes, it would be nice to have an charger that uses a power outlet. However, a lot of similar products don't have chargers like that. All of the portable speakers I have used only come with a M-USB to USB cable for charging.


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