Monday, July 2, 2012

The Joy Factory BubbleShield for Smartphones Review

Imagine this scenario: While taking pictures of friends goofing off in the pool, your smartphone slips through your still-damp fingers. Then... oops!!! Your new three hundred dollar cell phone that still has a year and a half left on contract is waterlogged and dead.

Although the scene above is fictitious, the need for waterproof cell phone protection is real. Whether you are camping, cooking, or just goofing off in the snow, sealing your cellphone out of the elements is a wise idea. Today we will take a look at the Joy Factory's BubbleShield- a waterproof sleeve designed to keep your cell phone safe from detrimental substances.

The BubbleShield is made of heavy-duty, slightly stiff plastic and has a sturdy zipper. (Make sure it is sealed completely!) The BubbleShield is durable and should last through many uses. It even claims to be heat resistant- I haven't personally tested this, however.

Of course, durability isn't everything. The BubbleShield should not hinder the functionality of the device.  In most cases, I have found this to be true. 

Unlike other water-proof cell phone sleeves I have tried, the BubbleShield does not wrinkle or drag when I use the touchscreen to scroll, swipe, or zoom in and out. The BubbleShield does make the phone slightly less touch-sensitive. It is not bothersome for me, though. 

Secondly, I tested call quality of the cellphone while wrapped in Bubble Shield. My caller said that sound quality was the same with or without the BubbleShield.

I have tried other waterproof cell phone sleeves that were less expensive and were made with thinner plastic. Thinner plastic tends to wrinkle during scrolling and other touch screen gestures and is less durable. Compared to other brands of waterproof cell phone sleeves, the BubbleShield provides more durability and ease of use at a higher price.

All in all, the Joy Factory BubbleShield provides durable waterproof protection without any major compromises.

Product Info

Price:$19.99 for 5 pc from the Joy Factory
Manufacturer:The Joy Factory
    Doesn't hinder sound or touchscreen gestures  
  • More pricey than the competition

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