Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Samsung Convoy 2 Review

The Convoy 2 is a flip phone for people who want a durable, tough phone mainly for making calls. How well does it perform? Read on to find out!

In the Box
Cord, Manual, the Convoy 2, battery cover removal tool- the piece of oblong grey plastic, and a travel adapter.

The Convoy might be described as a little bulky. It is not super thin, but thin enough to just fit in a jean pocket. The Convoy's durability might make up for its width. According to the Samsung website, the Convoy "meets most MIL-STD-810F specs". These military specifications pertain to shock, humidity and temperature testing.

The Convoy's 2.3 megapixel, fixed focus camera snaps some nice pictures. It has: flash options, adjustable white balance, and customizeable ISO. Do not expect digital camera quality photos, but expect picture quality that rivals that of other cell phone cameras. Check out the shots below. For more test pictures, go here.

One interesting and unique feature is the flashlight. This could come in handy when trying to unlock your car at night, for instance. Using the flashlight does not appear to drain the battery excessively, even though the flashlight beam is quite intense.

The flashlight is to the left of the camera. The flashlight also doubles as flash for taking pictures.
Because the Convoy is a flip phone, its keypad excels at dialing calls. Texting or typing are very slow. Dialing a phone number is, comparatively, a breeze after trying to type a web address on the Convoy.

The Convoy has an easy-to-navigate system, especially if you are familiar with typical flip phone menu layouts. Making calls, browsing the web, or taking pictures are all very straight-forward. However, the Settings and Tools menu is a little overwhelming. I found myself asking, "Hmm... was that under Phone Settings or Call Settings?" and "What is TTY mode and DFMF tones?" The manual does not elaborate about in-depth features. 

To search the web, the Convoy browses with Opera Mini. It works great for checking book-marked sites, but searching for or typing in web addresses is hampered by the keypad.

Battery Life
The Convoy's battery life seems to be acceptable. After an hour of gabbing on the speakerphone setting, the battery only dropped from full to three-quarters charged.

Call Quality
When chatting on the Convoy, the call quality seems average. When using the speakerphone, it seemed comparable to calls not on speakerphone

In conclusion, the Samsung Convoy 2 is a good all-around phone for making calls. It is a viable option for people not planning on texting or browsing the web frequently. 

Product Info

MSRP:$79 with a two-year contract from Verizon
    Easy to use, quality camera, durable, good battery life and call quality, flashlight could come in handy  
  • A little bulky, not conducive to internet browsing or texting

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