Thursday, June 16, 2011

3D TV-Is It Worth It?

Samsung's  D8000
I had the opportunity to try out a 3D TV at Best Buy a few weeks ago. I was pretty impressed. The picture was very clear and bright. But, 3D TVs are certainly not cheap. Samsung's least expensive model is $1,000. Others can cost $4,000 or more.

But is it worth shelling out big money for a 3D TV while 3D technology is being improved? After all, glasses-free 3D is still in the works. How soon will glasses-free 3D be available? Here's what said:

While there have been significant developments in glasses-free (or autostereoscopic) 3D technology, it's still extremely expensive to implement within large, flat-panel HDTVs. Also, at this point in the technology, as you get farther away from a large screen, you can only view a 3D image at a handful of specific angles. So the jury is still out as to when glasses-free technology will be a reality on larger screens, but many experts think it will take another 5–10 years.

How practical would a 3D TV be for you? It also depends on how much TV you watch. If you are a sports fanatic, 3D might make your experience a little more fun especially now that ESPN is now available in 3D. 

Another thing to consider is if there are a satisfactory number of 3D channels available from your cable provider. For instance, Direct TV has four 3D channels while Dish has zero.

All in all, 3D TV technology is still very much a changing field. It may not be for everyone at this stage.

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